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Analisis Pengaruh Kebijakan Arsitektur Perbankan Indonesia (API) terhadap Struktur, Perilaku, dan Kinerja Industri Perbankan Indonesia

Lelyana Mayasari


After being hit by the 1997 financial crisis, Bank Indonesia developed the new banking policy named Indonesian Banking Architecture (API). This policy aimed to stabilize the banking system in Indonesia. This study wants to identify the structure and banking performance after API implemented. Using Panzar-Rosse model, the result shows that after the API policy issued by Bank Indonesia, the structure of Indonesian banking industry becomes monopoly or collusive oligopoly. This structure reflects the different levels of competition for commercial banks in the period before and after the implementation of API. The condition of banking industry do not become more stable than before API implemented. However this instability does not affect toward performance of banking industry. 


Indonesian Banking Architecture Policy; Banking Competition; Panzar-Rosse Model

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