Pengaruh Krisis Keuangan Amerika Serikat terhadap Pajak Perdagangan Internasional Periode 2007:01 – 2011:12

Mita Nezky


This research is motivated by the financial crisis in United States that occurred in mid-2008 and its impact to Indonesia’s economy in general and international trade (export and import) in particular. The purpose of this research is to find out if there is a relation between U.S financial crisis on Indonesia’s capital market and national’s income from international trade taxes and also to provide policy recommendations for the government related to maintaining the stability of capital market and national’s income from international trade taxes. Based on the empirical test using the SVAR method, it can be conclude that there is a relation between U.S financial crisis on Indonesia’s capital market and international trade taxes in the period 2007:01 – 2011:12. This research has carried out empirical test of some economic variable related to economic liberalization. This research then suggest some policy recommendation destined to some instititution in Indonesia such as Bappepam, Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia and Ministry of Industry Republic of Indonesia to force some of their intervention related to the stock market transaction, international trade (export and import), and the trade taxes. These interventions are critical to support the sustainability of trade and Indonesia economy in the long term while facing the liberalization of economic


Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI); Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG); Exchange Rate; Production Index; International Trade Taxes


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