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Analisis Dampak Pengembangan Wilayah Suramadu terhadap Perekonomian Madura

CHK Karyadinata


This research is aimed to measure the impact of Suramadu area development toward the economy of Madura through an increase in output, incomes and employment. Madura is an island that need to improve its access through the development of Suramadu bridge to accelerate the flow of distribution of goods/services and increase the population mobility.  The analysis was using 2008 Input Output Table of Madura that derived from Input Output Table of East Java in 2008.   This research found that key sectors in the economy of Madura are industry, clean water, road transport, banks, and non-bank financial institutions.  Regional development of Suramadu give positive impact in increasing output, revenues, and employment.  Suramadu regional development undertaken by BPWS give more better impact because the percentage increase in output is equivalent to the scenario I which is allocated proportionate withoutput multiplier, highest percentage increase in revenue compared with other scenarios and give increasing percentage in employment is relatively high.


Impact analysis; Regional Development; Suramadu; Input Output Tables; Madura

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