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Dampak Skala Ekonomi terhadap Perdagangan Intra Industri Indonesia dan Thailand: Kasus Industri Mobil Tahun 1995-2007

Monita Rachmawati, Maddaremmeng A Panennungi


This study is aimed to seek the main determinants factor of the bilateral intra industry trade between Indonesia and Thailand (case study of automobile industry from January 1995-October 2007). Econometrics methods in this study employ probit model. The main finding is the production (as the representation of economies of scale) affects positively the bilateral intra industry trade of automobile between Indonesia and Thailand. Furthermore, this study also find that population affect positively but the trade liberalization (AFTA) does not affect significantly on the bilateral intra industry in automobile during the period of the study between Indonesia and Thailand


intra industry trade; automotive industry; economies of scale; Indonesia; Thailand

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